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From the EasyMovie start-up to the NY Tech Meetup event, an overview of the New York digital ecosystem with Mona Saidi, FrenchWeb correspondent in New York.

EasyMovie: the Salesforce of corporate video

Nicolas Cazeneuve, founder of EasyMovie
Nicolas Cazeneuve, founder of EasyMovie

Founded in Paris in 2013, EasyMovie opened its New York offices in 2016 with the aim of conquering the American market for industrialized video. His mission ? Support companies in their digital transformation by allowing them to produce a large volume of video at low cost. We went to meet the founder, Nicolas Cazeneuve, to learn more about this startup which is growing at high speed.

Mona Saidi, FrenchWeb correspondent: How was EasyMovie created and what is its concept?

Nicolas Cazeneuve, founder of EasyMovie: My partner and I first created VoxMedia, an agency specializing in classic video production. We then saw that there were changing needs within companies. We realize that today, in digital, we have to make authentic, well-targeted and recurring content. This new trend is forcing our customers to multiply the chain of their content. From there was born the idea ofEasyMovie in 2013: a video production platform that allows companies to produce a lot of videos, very simply, by giving their employees a voice.

What is the EasyMovie value proposition?

What is original is that we have four businesses within our business.

  1. Platform: we offer a SAAS platform which enables the management of the video strategy (project management, users, validation workflows, creation of storyboards, etc.).
  2. Application: the EasyMovie application allows our customers to shoot their own videos while benefiting from the support that we are able to provide them live via increasingly advanced technologies.
  3. Editing: our customers can either send us the rushes to perform the edits in 48 hours or use the application to do the edits themselves automatically. We are now able to automate a video graphic charter for our clients.
  4. Consulting: our team of consultants goes to the client and implements the customized solution for our client’s needs. Customers can create their own templates and add their validation workflows to meet their own needs and levels of requirements.

What makes EasyMovie different from a traditional video production agency?

It is our ability to produce on a very large scale. A production agency will meet a specific need. EasyMovie is not intended to replace production agencies. We are here to address a need that has not been addressed until now. If tomorrow a company needs to do 100 video testimonials of its customers, a hundred employee portraits or even a large volume of product tutorials, today we are the only company that can meet this need.

Why did you choose to base part of your operations in Tunisia?

EasyMovie is based on an offshore based post-production editing scheme. We made this choice for practical reasons, first of all, because one of my associates already had business there. Then, the level of competence and education is very good and presents very interesting links with France. Finally, cost reductions are very beneficial for our business model.

What is your international development strategy?

We opened our first American office in New York, since it is the city with the most large companies and agencies, even if we realize that the size of the American market is larger and the companies more fragmented than in Paris. In the United States, we plan to open an office in San Francisco within a year to address a new market with interesting potential, that of SAAS platforms. In Europe, we want to open between 4 and 6 offices by the end of 2019.

Have you raised funds?

Between Equity and Debt, we have raised a total of € 1M since inception. This capital remains quite tiny compared to our growth rate (X3 each year). We can afford that because, on the one hand, we were supported by an agency at the start and, on the other hand, our model is structurally profitable, ie only growth needs to be financed. The goal is to continue to operate on our own funds. We are considering the possibility of a significant fundraising at the end of 2018 / early 2019 but without this being an end because we want to continue to have options.

What are your biggest challenges?

Recruitment is one of our main challenges. We have gone from a structure of around fifteen people at the start of 2017 to 50 today (February 2018) and we plan to be around a hundred by the end of the year. The challenge of recruitment is therefore major for us, in particular with regard to technical and commercial profiles. The success of the year depends on a success in terms of recruitment.

NY Tech Meetup: French Tech is one step ahead of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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This month, NY tech Meetup joined forces with French Tech for an event under the theme of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Four startups placing AI at the center of their product came to present their projects. The French tech scene was well represented with 3 out of 5 French founders. This is symptomatic of a broader trend: France is now a hub for everything related to data and artificial intelligence. After Facebook which invested 10 million Euros in a team of French researchers, it is Google which chooses the Hexagon to open a research center in Artificial Intelligence.


NY Tech meetup Organized by the NY Tech Alliance, this is the biggest meetup event in the world. Once a month, the NY Tech meetup opens the stage for New York tech startups to allow them to present their projects to the community. Its objective is to highlight these young shoots and to encourage meetings, synergies and collaborations within the New York digital ecosystem.

French Tech This is the international movement which brings together all entrepreneurs and actors who work in French startups internationally. La French Tech has more than 150 startups in New York, at least one of the founders of which is French.



David Bessis, co-founder of Tinyclues, opens the ball with a presentation of IA and offers recommendations as to the place to be given to IA in the design of a product or service. The key message: only switch to full AI if you are sure you can make it work. Indeed, according to him, there are very few industries that are ready to move to full AI. The key is to identify the features that users are not ready to give up but not to push automation to the point of losing customers. The quote to remember : “If you’re not ashamed of the first release of your product, you launched your product too late” (Reid Hoffman).

See the full pitch here.

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Snips is a complete voice assistance platform based on artificial intelligence and deep learning that allows you to control the connected objects in your environment using your voice. The platform is based on three components: recognition of an activation keyword, speech recognition and natural language understanding. Snips was designed as an alternative to Amazon Echo in that the tool can be integrated into separate objects, such as its coffee machine for example, where Amazon offers a centralized ecosystem for voice assistance. Unlike other tools on the market, Snips protects the privacy of its users through an offline service that does not store personal data in the cloud.

See the Snips demo here.


For the Butterfly team, the role of a manager is to retain, engage and inspire talent. The founders note that, too often, the training of managers is not adequate, being limited to quarterly or annual sessions too condensed in information and not very targeted. To remedy this, the startup has designed a tool based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that collects feedback from teams via surveys and returns them to the manager in the form of easily digestible tips and recommendations. For Butterfly, the training of a manager is a permanent process which must reflect the feelings of the teams.

To learn more about Butterfly.ai, go to here.

To discover even more innovative startups, see you at the next Tech Meetup on March 6!

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