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From the AlgamaFoods startup to the agenda of Tech events of the month, an overview of the New York digital ecosystem with Othilie Bieuville, FrenchWeb correspondent in New York.

Made in New York AlgamaFoods Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Summit Technology

INTERVIEW // Founded in Paris 2012, Algama foods is a nugget of foodtech which settled in New York in 2017. Algama foods produces superfoods from microalgae while giving them a great taste.

Othilie Bieuville, FrenchWeb correspondent: Can you tell us about the history of Algamafoods?

With two childhood friends we created Algamafoods five years ago. Algamafoods seeks to respond to sustainable nutrition issues around the world. Algama Foods develops microalgae so as to introduce it into food to boost their nutritional qualities. From a nutritional point of view, the microalgae that we use, spirulina, is used as a dietary supplement because it contains up to 70% protein as well as vitamins and minerals. Microalgae also has many advantages from an environmental point of view: it needs little water and grows easily in many places.

What products do you offer? What are their particularities?

We first launched Springwave in 2014. It is a water enriched with spirulina, anti-oxidant and revitalizing. It was chosen to be presented at COP21 and at the Milan Universal Exhibition in 2015 and won numerous awards such as the SIAL innovation award in 2014 and the European Horizons 2020 program.

We then developed a range of vegan mayonnaise-type sauce without egg or milk that we decided to market in the United States under the name “The Good Spoon” but also in France thanks to the Carrefour innovation award.

Which markets do you want to enter in the first place? Why ?

We have decided to launch our products in France and the United States. We develop all our products in France, where we are from. We have decided to market our products in the United States as well, where the superfood market is far ahead and promising, hence our establishment in New York.

In the medium term, we also want to expand in Asia, with the help of one of our investors, Li Ka-shing, the richest man in Asia and owner of the Horizons Ventures fund.

What types of products do you want to develop later?

We want to develop more vegan products to replace proteins of animal origin with proteins contained in microalgae. We work with agro-food companies by providing them with our expertise and our research on microalgae.

What challenges are you facing?

The challenge lies above all in the type of industry in which we operate, which is the agro-food industry. It is an industry that moves both fast and slow. It moves quickly since there are real new needs. What we consume has a much greater effect on our body than drugs. On the other hand, it is an industry that takes time to evolve since it immediately affects what human beings ingest on a daily basis. It’s hard to find the right balance between the pressure for change and the need to find a product that stands the test of time.

Do you think super foods will completely replace traditional products?

Currently, we only consume about fifteen different products. I believe that the future lies more in the diversification of foods present in nature more than in their replacement by certain superfoods. Replacing these traditional foods with a few superfoods would lead to problems of a different kind. Especially since diversifying the sources of food is beneficial both for our body but also for nature itself.

Focus on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

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Some experts and researchers from industry, academia and start-ups will discuss the risks and opportunities of building and investing in the cybersecurity sector.

Among the speakers will be Larry Trittschuh, Chief Security Officer Americas at Barclays, Carol Lee, Partner at PWC, Michael Landewe, Co-founder at Avanan, Damon McCoy, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU and Lucas Nelson, Partner at Lytical ventures and Kauffman Fellow.

Monday June 4, 2018 from 5 to 9 pm. New York, 300 Madison Ave

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investment Summit

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The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investment Summit (BCI Summit) is dedicated to educating investors on how to invest and earn value on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Speakers will be speakers from some of the most reputable crypto-tech industries, industry researchers, academics and financial analysts. This event aims to enlighten you in detail on these innovative investment opportunities.

Monday June 11 and Tuesday June 12, 2018 at New York, 123 West 18th St

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The role of technology in the implementation of a New Urban Agenda to achieve the objectives of the sustainable city.

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This conference will examine the impact of technology on cities today and in the future. The advent of driverless cars, automation, artificial intelligence and big data will play an increasing role in defining the city and its sustainability. This conference will present good examples of technology that improves urban sustainability as well as the challenges and opportunities that these advanced technologies present. The ideas and prognoses will help inform policies and actions designed to improve urban life. Speakers will be government officials, business leaders, town planners, planners and academics …

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 in New York, United Nations Headquarters

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Israeli-American Tech Event.

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With more than 500 Israeli Startups attending, this conference is one of the main steps to interact with key decision makers around the world and penetrate these markets.
Selected delegates will showcase the latest Israeli technological innovations: This event provides an opportunity to identify breakthrough solutions. American companies wishing to enrich their solutions and their efficiency, distributors, integrators and medium and large organizations, will be associated with new exceptional products and methods.

On Thursday, June 28, 2018 in New York, Reed Smith, 599 Lexington Ave.

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