[Made in Lyon] The Cosmo Company, TUBA and the FailCon Lyon 2016 conference …

by bold-lichterman

Co-founded in 2010 by Michel Morvan (in particular a former professor in computer science at ENS Lyon and former director of studies at EHESS) and Hugues de Bantel (in particular former CEO of EDAPTECHNOMED, ​​a company listed in the USA), The Cosmo Company specializes in the modeling and simulation of complex systems. What is it about? (don’t be afraid, it’s easier to understand than it looks!).

Cosmo teams, mostly engineers and high-level scientists, have indeed developed after several years of R&D a specific language (CoSML for Complex Systems Modeling Language) intended to facilitate the understanding of the interactions between the different elements of a complex system. (such as electricity distribution networks or transport networks). Main interest: once these interactions have been modeled (in a causal and non-correlative logic), they are integrated into software developed by the company which makes it possible to perform extremely advanced simulations (potentially integrating thousands of variables, including certain “human factors” ), with strong predictive power.

They are used by executives of large companies to make optimal decisions on their most strategic matters and to extract value from the underlying complexity. “Put more simply, we considerably increase our clients’ ability to anticipate. In an increasingly interconnected world with increasingly strong aversion to risk, this is a very significant competitive advantage.», Says Hugues de Bantel. Proof that the company stands out in the highly competitive sector of big data, it was named Cool Vendor 2016 by Gartner and received in 2016 from Ernst & Young and SYNTEC the award for the most innovative software publisher in France.

Investors also believe in it since the company raised 3.8 million euros in 2014 from a selection of corporate and financial funds, including Aster Capital and Sofimac Partners (a new fundraising is planned at a maturity of twelve to eighteen months with European and / or American VCs). Another very positive sign, an IT “legend”, André Boisvert, former COO of SAS Intitute and co-founder of Pentaho, joined Cosmo’s board of directors in January 2016. Another beautiful bowstring of this Lyon nugget!