[Made in Lille] The new EuraTechnologies cluster, Fitizzy, the Huawei competition …

by bold-lichterman

fitizzy_logoSince its creation in 2013, Fitizzy already had great potential. Its concept is based on a very simple observation: “We had bad experiences when shopping for clothes from a distance, we felt a lack of support for the choice of sizes and those around us had the same feeling.», Says Sébastien Ramel, one of the two co-founders.

This is how the Fitizzy adventure was born. Initially, the start-up offered its users to enter its measurements in their database to guarantee them an optimal choice of size in their partner brands. Already extended to shoes since last month, this system is now automated. Thanks to two years of research and development by their data scientist, Fitizzy offers a new, much simpler product that automatically calculates your body type using basic measurements, all with an error rate of less than 2%.

At the same time, the structure is of course aimed at international development. After having already seduced groups like Promod, Devred or Naf Naf, the signing of the first partner outside Europe, in Latin America, is about to be carried out, while Chinese and Indian groups should soon integrate the Fitizzy technology.

Composed of 17 employees, the majority based at Euratechnologies and the others in Paris, the start-up is in the process of raising funds in order to accelerate this international development and thus take a maximum share of this booming market.