[Made in Lille] Appiway, La Plaine Images, Game All Over …

by bold-lichterman

Game All Over, gamification at the service of the company


On May 30, the Plaine Images organized the second edition of a unique event in France on gamification at the service of the company called “Game All Over”.

For this second edition, Game All Over was more specifically dedicated to the brand experience through games, to improving the company’s performance thanks to fun mechanics (HR, management, motivation, etc.) and instead of video games. in the health sector.

On the program, there were panels, case studies, keynotes, which dealt among other things with subjects such as:

  • The boost in customer acquisition and loyalty.

  • Unite your team through play.

  • Video games: medicine of the future?

  • Enrich your customer experiences.

  • Game & tech: the winning combo.

  • Innovate and define your strategy while playing.

  • The gamification of tomorrow.

  • Advance research with play.

Summary of this magnificent day: 200 qualified people were present. We can also highlight a keynote concerning the 8 levers of customer engagement which, according to visitors’ statements, was “a hit” thanks to personal anecdotes and concrete examples proposed by its speaker Dominique Mangiatordi.

Highlights also thanks in particular to the professional showroom with Oeil pour Oeil, Hackeo, Make U Learn, Audace, Kimple, etc.

The intervention of Nod-A (makestorming.com) and Business Interactive Games on the theme “Innovate and define your strategy while playing.”

And of course the presence of Edgar Grospiron, expert-motivational speaker, Olympic champion and Roadoo Network shareholder (joint intervention).

In short, a day full of colors and an event that is gaining momentum after only two editions. To be continued for the 2018 version.