[Made in Italie] These French nuggets who have chosen Italy to develop

by bold-lichterman

At a time when Italy is questioning its ability to structure an innovation ecosystem capable of investing massively in startups (only € 110 / Mln invested in 2017 while fundraising records fall every months in France), it is clear that the peninsula still offers significant advantages for French startups.

According to the latest data (source: French Tech Milan), nearly 80 French startups have already established themselves in Italy. Grouped within the French Tech Hub in Milan, they represent a fundamental base for promoting the dynamism of French technology in Italy.

Among the French startups present on the Italian Peninsula, we should mention three in particular that set up in 2017:

  • Toucan Toco: the French startup has developed SAAS data visualization and reporting software, available on mobile, tablet and desktop. It makes it possible to visualize the performance indicators of the businesses in order to inform them and to support them in their daily decision-making. After establishing itself in France, the tech nugget has established itself in Milan and Rome and today collaborates with a network of partners and integrators, as well as with the subsidiaries of its French customers. Its objective: to approach the market with introductions from experts and their clients in order to promote the quality and expertise of their solution.
  • Qwant : From the contraction of “Quantity” (of data) and “Want” (want) takes shape the name Qwant: a search engine born in 2013 in France, which allows each of us to find on the Internet what they research while safeguarding their privacy. Large caliber investors like Axel Springer, Caisses des Dépôts and the European Investment Bank have already invested in the idea of ​​a more ethical web inspired by Qwant. The search engine, present in Italy since October 2017, hopes to reach on average 5% of the market share of search in 2020 in each of the countries where it is present.
  • Ulule: A pioneer in crowdfunding platform, Ulule has become in just a few years one of the most productive crowdfunding portals in the world with a harvest of over 103 million euros and a success rate of nearly 65%. Established in Italy since March 2017, Ulule has already become a key player in the Peninsula, a country that offers enormous potential in a sector marked by a strong propensity to support social initiatives as well as the presence of favorable regulations.

We can bet that this phenomenon will not stop there because not only have French startups understood the potential offered by the Italian market, but they can also rely on French Tech Milan, an essential reference for these French startups who can dialogue with each other and also count on the presence of mentors and ambassadors able to create useful contacts for their development.

This dynamic will also find its climax with the holding of a French Tech conference in Milan on venture capital next June. With the aim of providing better readability of the French and Italian models and of creating beneficial synergies between the two innovation ecosystems.


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Made in Italie Italy on a new dynamic at VivaPhilippe Tandeau de Marsac is the development manager of Invitalia Ventures SGR, the French Tech Mentor and member of the French Tech Hub Milan steering committee.