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From the Codemotion start-up to Milano Digital Week: an overview of current events in the digital ecosystem in Italy with Philippe Tandeau de Marsac.

Made in Italie Codemotion Milano Digital Week
The Codemotion team

The slump in which the venture capital market finds itself in Italy (only 130 million euros invested in start-ups in 2017, a result well below expectations) should not overshadow the plethora of start-ups -up Italians who silently make their way and offer potential worthy of the best emerging start-ups in Europe. In this context, let’s take a look at the flagship start-up that is talked about a lot in Italy and which is preparing to enter the French market.

A story of Italian women entrepreneurs

Founded in 2013 by two Romans, Chiara Russo and Mara Marzocchi, Codemotion has the ambition to become the first international hub to connect developers / programmers with companies through the realization of technical events and conferences in Italy, Europe, Israel. and the United Arab Emirates. Its motto? Programming the future.

Finding a developer is becoming more and more difficult. And finding the best talent takes time. And if to this you add the number of vacant positions in the digital sector (nearly 900,000 in Europe by 2020), it was urgent to identify the relevant instruments to try to curb the phenomenon. From this observation, Codemotion was born four years ago.

With a clear objective: to create the strongest community of developers (570,000 today) and to keep them engaged by offering them quality technological content through conferences and hackathons, specialized training activities as well as training programs. open innovation. Success was quick: Codemotion became in the space of a few months the strategic partner of the largest companies in the IT sector such as Cisco, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle which, thanks to this community, identify much sought-after talents.

Codemotion’s strength also lies in its ability to promote and offer high-level training in programming languages, useful for embracing the career of developers. And Codemotion does not skimp on the means. Recently, she decided to launch a training offer for children: Codemotion Kids, a real technology school intended to make children real creators of technologies and not simple passive users.

Today 34 people work at Codemotion, 80% female. A percentage that should be emphasized in a predominantly male sector.

A local ecosystem fundamental to its success

Certainly Codemotion owes its success to the talents and vision of its founders, but also to the presence of a local ecosystem which adopted and supported it in its early days: the start-up, currently housed within Luiss Enlabs, the campus of a start-up of more than 5,000 square meters in the heart of Rome’s central station, successfully completed its first fundraising last June thanks to LVenture Group, Invitalia Ventures and Primomiglio and is preparing a remarkable entry into various European markets.

So yes, Italy is indeed lagging behind in the venture capital industry, but it still hides an unknown El Dorado of promising startups. The history of Codemotion is there to remind you.

The first edition of Milano Digital week (March 15-18, 2018), which aims to be an open window on the digital transformation of the Italian capital, has the ambition to bring together a hundred micro-events on topics related to IT security, artificial intelligence, education and industry 4.0.

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Made in Italie Italy on a new dynamic at VivaPhilippe Tandeau de Marsac is the development manager of Invitalia Ventures SGR, the French Tech Mentor and member of the French Tech Hub Milan steering committee.