[Made in Grenoble] Focus on Pepitelab, digital transformation accelerator

by bold-lichterman

The selection of events not to be missed this month: an overview of the news of the Grenoble digital ecosystem with Deborah Donnier and Mary Grammont.

Interview of the month

Grégory Giovannone, co-founder of Pepitelab, and Nicolas Dubost, consultant in digital transformation at Pepitelab.

Grégory Giovannone and Nicolas Dubost

This month we crossed the Isère border to meet a new Lyon concept: Pepitelab, a digital studio that relies on freelancing to help SMEs in their digital transformation.

Specialized in change management, Pepitelab has set up an internal team of “product makers”. They work within SMEs to co-construct digital strategies and their roadmaps with employees. These are then put into operational execution by a network of “Tech freelancers” at the forefront of new trends.

Digitization of customer relations, business processes, integration of new generation ERP, launch of new digital business models… digitization is at the heart of the concerns of managers. However, according to the BPI France Lab, 87% of French SMEs have not yet gone digital. Pepitelab is therefore positioned as an accelerator of digital transformation.

May 2019 agenda

May 13, 2019: Mondays of innovation: “Sylha, the transition to an e-financeethics “

What if the bank card was the solution to all of our societal problems?

In the context of the current thinking on Tech for Good, the start-up Sylha will present its vision. His challenge? While the emergency is ecological, the social priority, the cure appears economic. With digital tools, based on a strong and paradoxical assumption, can’t the bank card be at the center of desirable solutions?

More informations here.

Location: MSH-Alpes, 1221 avenue Centrale, Saint-Martin-d’Hères

May 15, 2019: Forum 5i

Each year, the 5i Forum looks at an innovative theme. It allows innovation actors to meet and discuss technological, economic and societal issues in this field, and to discover new innovative projects.

In 2019, artificial intelligence, an innovation accelerator, is in the spotlight!

More informations here.

Location: WTC Grenoble convention center

May 16, 2019: Barcamp of scenarios with Grenoble CivicLab

Working together to design digital tools that meet the real needs of the territory and the challenges of environmental, economic and social transitions, this is the challenge of Grenoble CivicLab.

If you are project leaders, now is the time to work on your user journey with others, users but also web designers. This is an opportunity to play with personas to find out more about the audience you are looking to identify. It is also the moment to start refining your prototype, to draw the visual interfaces and to identify the functionalities necessary for the application or the device.

More informations here.

Location: La Turbine.coop, 3-5 esplanade Andry Farcy, Grenoble

May 21, 2019: My energy data workshop: towards a digital “privacy by design” service

On May 21, GEG and La Coop Infolab / La Turbine.coop invite you to a workshop to reflect on the design of privacy in a digital platform around energy

Who does what with my data? Where are they going? How can I ensure that my data is used correctly? How can I really decide what to share and to whom? The conception and design of services or platforms have a key role to play in strengthening the control of privacy and their personal data by individuals!

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Deborah Donnier is an experienced entrepreneur: WordPress developer, but also, interviewer. It supports individuals and professionals in enhancing their digital presence. She founded ddesign, WordPress site development specialist and Think WP, documentary aimed at raising awareness of the WordPress community. You can find it on his site or of course Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook!

Made in Grenoble Focus on the BigClouT project and the

Mary Grammont has many hats: independent consultant in press relations (Daily RP), she also co-founded Com’Un Lundi, a media outlet for the media, as well as the Lesmondaines blog, Grenoble city-guide. You can find it on his site, his Twitter account or his LinkedIn profile.