[Made in Grenoble] Digital Summ’r: a Day to boost your digital business

by bold-lichterman

From April 23 to 27, 2018, the world web conference, The Web Conference, was held in Lyon, organized by the University of Lyon. An internationally renowned event which also hosted 2 collocated conferences on related themes: Web4All (W4A, conference on web accessibility) and Digital Health (conference on web and health interactions).

Also included were BIG 2018 (big data conference) and Digital Summ’R (1st European BtoB event dedicated to the performance and innovation of SMEs and mid-caps in the digital software & services sectors), organized by the Digital League. It is precisely within the framework of Digital Summ’R – A Day to boost your digital business – that Frenchweb met this Thursday, April 26, business leaders and specialists to talk about business, IoT, IA or even BlockChain.

Overview and presentation of The Web Conference and Digital Summ’r:

More details with Daniel Baudry, general delegate of digital league, co-organizer of The Web Conference:

What is AI? Is it accessible to everyone? What are the latest scientific and technical advances in the field?

More details with Amélie Cordier, doctor in computer science (Artificial Intelligence). Developmental Artificial Intelligence Specialist at hoomano:

Steps to scale make us dream as much as they distress us. How to prepare, monitor and perpetuate them?

More details with Anne-Laure Plessier, director of cocoom:

More than a search engine, Google is now an answer engine. His assistant dialogues with each Internet user. The direct and visible consequence of this change is the dramatic change in the face of Google’s responses.

More details with Jérôme Soleymieux, director of Cojecom:

What is the GDPR? Why this law? What are the changes and concrete applications to put in place?

More details with Luc-Marie Augagneur, lawyer:

Blockchain: For Who? Why ? How? ‘Or’ What ?

More details with Tristan Colombet, founder of Prizee:

IoT and mobile, two terms that today encompass many uses and products. What are the best practices related to these connected projects?

More details with Richard Phan, Founder and CEO of Inventhys:

An entrepreneur is rarely a born salesperson. How to learn to become one first to start a business?

More details with Sylvain Tillon, entrepreneur, founder of Tilkee:

The correspondant:


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