[Made in Bretagne] Start-up and mid-size companies on a ferry, the LiveMon winner, and the right address …

by bold-lichterman

FerryLaunch at the Breton tip of an innovative business format: “Ticket To Pitch”, where start-ups and mid-size companies meet via reverse pitches.

The October 7th, French Tech Brest + will join forces with Brittany Ferries to organize an innovative event. Start-ups and key accounts will board the Pont Aven ferry in Roscoff to develop interactions between these two types of players who still don’t know each other well, and who can nevertheless work together!

For this unique day, 12 major accounts and mid-sized companies (including Boulanger, HOP Training, Brittany Ferries, Hôtel Oceania, Trecobat, Cozigou, Le Télégramme, etc.) confirmed their participation to meet, during 1to1 meetings, innovative start-ups capable of responding to their digital challenges.

For Frédéric Nicolas, general delegate of French Tech Brest +, “the enthusiasm of key account managers is palpable, we did not necessarily expect such a positive reception! Their main motivations: the desire to get ahead in their sector, to infuse innovation (whether managerial or technological) and to benefit from feedback from their peers … All in one exceptional setting“.

This day is open to all start-ups, without geographical limitation. They have until September 25 to register and request an appointment.