[Made in Bordeaux] Stronghold of e-health

by bold-lichterman

The Bordeaux ecosystem enjoys a very favorable conjunction and shows growing dynamism in the e-health sector: start-ups with high potential, solid historical structures, international visibility, real involvement of regional players … LEDs are green to take a new step forward in this field of activity where excellence is sought after.

Made in Bordeaux Stronghold of e health

Why is Bordeaux becoming “The” leading e-health platform?

The proliferation of e-health start-ups in Bordeaux is the result of a conjunction of elements. Historically, we have a well-known Faculty of Medicine and a University Hospital, which constitute a veritable pool of ideas and projects. For example, Satelia, mounted by a young intern in anesthesia. The start-up has designed smart and preventive applications to monitor patients at home and facilitate the work of nurses and nurses before and after an operation. Same thing with BforDoc created by doctors to improve the care path for medicine that is both more technological and more human. Two other start-ups with great potential with Nomadeec, a mobile telemedicine platform, and especially Synapse which we are talking about more and more. Synapse is artificial intelligence to help doctors with their drug prescriptions. Finally, in terms of e-health, how can we not mention Interaction Healthcare / Simforhealth, directed by Jérôme Leleu, also President of Frenchtech Bordeaux? The Bordeaux-based company designs digital applications for patients and healthcare professionals. It has already trained more than 22,000 healthcare professionals around the world and is cited among the 2,000 most innovative companies in France. The list is still long. But we will stop there today. 😉

Several players are involved and provide real support to projects developing in e-health: the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, the City of Bordeaux, Bordeaux Métropole, accelerators and incubators such as Unitec, l’Auberge Numérique, 1Kubator, etc. Recent events also marked the dynamism of this sector and in particular the launch of PelviCare, which took place on June 27th. PelviCare is a project led by the medical team of the Magellan Medical-Surgical Center of the Bordeaux University Hospital, a benchmark in colorectal and digestive surgery, a pioneer in video endoscopy for 30 years. The event brought together around a hundred participants, including many world leaders.

What are the obstacles to the development of an e-health startup?

The main obstacle for e-health start-ups is long cycles. Providing an appointment-making solution to a doctor and patients is rather easy, but going to a hospital or organizations becomes much more complicated. During our discussion withApple-converted-space “> Patxi Ospital, CEO of Invivox, who has just raised 2.8M €, we observed the following: “At Invivox, our fundraising also aims to buy us time. In fact, like many e-health projects, we are faced with legal obstacles, the complexity of processes in the health sector (long cycle, statutes of institutions, etc.), as well as centralization in Paris. Making money at a CHU by sharing income is almost impossible today. But my job as an entrepreneur is also to find the keys, to make institutions evolve to “crack” the system while maintaining all the caution that befits a health activity. ”


1605281275 769 Made in Bordeaux Stronghold of e healthOn the eve of the holidays, we wanted to zoom in on a concept that seduced us. Bordeaux so simple offers a transport service for parcels and objects between individuals. The concept is simple: to facilitate the connection between travelers and people needing to transport a good, often heavy or bulky, from point A to point B.

An ecological and economical solution that has already won the hearts of more than 150,000 members. No need to travel with a trunk or a half-empty vehicle when leaving on vacation or during a normal trip. In a few clicks, it is now possible to find an object to route around its destination. Registration to the platform is free and the delivery price is determined by the owner of the property. A great way to reimburse gas or toll costs!

Created ten years ago on a collaborative model, the management teams of siimple (www.colis-voyage.fr) today aim to make the platform a new delivery solution that is alternative and complementary to the classic distribution networks for large e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

Leader in its market, the platform is preparing to take this new step by announcing the opening of the pre-sale phase of its ICO (Initial Coin Offering), a fundraising in crypto-currencies. According to the press release, the SIIM token is the first crypto-asset linked to the transport of goods. The pre-ICO phase started on July 4 with the possibility for investors to reserve 3,000,000 tokens at a preferential rate. The same amount of tokens will be issued for the ICO starting on October 1, 2018, bringing the total pre-sold service value amount to € 6,000,000. The company’s management team has mandated Financière d’Uzès to support its ICO. “We are very happy to carry out with siimple (www.colis-voyage.fr) this first operation which allows us to combine our historical know-how with the best of technology in the field of FinTech. Crypto-assets are becoming essential for our customers, our role is to support them in this new world that is opening up! ” explains Dominique GOIRAND, Founding Chairman of Financière d’Uzès.


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Who ?

Rhinov is a specialist in interior design. Founded by Bastien Paquereau and Xavier Brissonneau, Rhinov brings the expertise of interior design professionals to the projects of professionals, as well as individuals.


Rhinov revolutionizes and democratizes interior architecture.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

For 99 € per room, from a plan, photos and decorative wishes, Rhinov offers a 3D simulation of interior design and a shopping list produced by professional decorators. A simple and super efficient concept. Rhinov, carries out more than 1600 projects per month!


We already told you about it last month as “the start-up to follow” in the “Made in Bordeaux” in June and it was quickly confirmed. Rhinov stacked up the successes and just won the Bordeaux Pitch Contest hands down. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Bordeaux gems.


1605281277 217 Made in Bordeaux Stronghold of e health

On July 4, Bordeaux Technowest organized “Bordeaux Tech’Day”, an event that brought together for the first time in one place, the 55 start-ups supported by the Technopole on its 5 sites: Aéroparc in Mérignac, Eco-parc de Blanquefort, Newton in Bègles, Copernic in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles and La Source in Bordeaux. The theme of this edition? The innovations of the technopole start-ups at the service of Bordeaux Métropole 2050.

The event brought together around 400 people over ½ a day and offered great visibility to start-ups, whether with large groups, manufacturers, banks or potential investors.

Among the start-ups that exhibited, some piqued our curiosity. This is the case with AirInt’Services, which has developed a mobile application dedicated to the maintenance of aeronautical cabins. Concretely, it allows technicians to notify in a few seconds all the defective elements in a cabin. Beyond the obvious productivity gain, it provides preventive and curative maintenance of equipment. Another sector of activity with Bziiit. This start-up is specialized in the capture, analysis and animation of ultra local data. Bziiit started from the postulate that a place had become, thanks to new technologies, a considerable data source. Thanks to its solutions (connected stand for example), the start-up helps operators improve the profitability of their location, by automatically generating macro analyzes, customer knowledge, or profiling, then by suggesting actions.



Blockchain: understanding how it works and its fields of application

Thursday July 19, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Hosted by Jérémie Albert co-founder & COO of InBlocks

The event is aimed at entrepreneurs and startuppers. Do you want to understand how blockchain works and what could be its fields of application in your activity? Jérémie Albert, co-founder of the inBlocks startup (Blockchain OTT framework) comes to share his knowledge, his experience and answer your questions.



NOVAQ, the innovation festival in New Aquitaine, will bring together national and international experts for conferences, debates and meetings around the following axes: the ocean, the brain and space.

September 13 and 14 at Hangar 14 (Bordeaux)


UpGrade, the accelerator for growing start-ups (until August 31):


Theophrastus, the Sud-Ouest Group’s 6-month acceleration program (until September 10):


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