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by bold-lichterman

big-data-labAfter 25 years of existence and a few billion data exploited, the Bordeaux group Cartégie, present in Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Paris, unveils its research laboratory, the Big Data Lab. Launched about a year ago, it is showing its first results and the group intends to communicate soon on its effectiveness, particularly in terms of BtoB. In a few weeks, Cartégie Data Scientists crawled French BtoB websites and more particularly e-commerce sites, in order to index them in their DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) data warehouse with the aim of enriching a base already present.

Big Data is a very vague field, the challenge is to exploit the data. An area that is struggling to find a real place, and this is where the Big Data Lab comes into play: a first phase of testing is followed by a development phase making it possible to offer an adequate and quality product whose goal is to offer its customers a significant competitive advantage. Whoever is already a major player in digital marketing and customer relations is now tending to become the player in Big Data Marketing solutions. “The new technological solutions, developed and currently tested, will allow us to” crawl “(explore and analyze) all French business and BtoB websites, to precisely identify the company’s activity, to assess its activity on social networks, etc. ”, explains Emmanuel Granger, Data Scientist, also a member of the BIG DATA LAB.

Detection, extraction and structuring are the key words of this project, using Big Data technologies, namely machine learning and cloud computing, technologies allowing to automate data collection.

CATIE, the Aquitain Center for Information and Electronic Technologies is coming to support the development of the Big Data Lab, and a university partnership is to be planned to allow students and big data experts to combine their knowledge and their skills. skills in order to access the development process