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From the start-up Waiter, via Digital Desk, an overview of economic and digital news with Audrey Debraine, FrenchWeb correspondent in Aix-Marseille.

Meet Sébastien Pigati, who has just launched the Waiter dating app – a 100% Marseille project that attacks the dating giants.

Made in Aix Marseille Waiter Digital Desk

Audrey Debraine: What is your background ?

Sébastien Pigati: I am passionate about marketing, communication and the development of various and varied projects to my credit such as:

  • Transform a created studio into a communication consulting agency
  • Support the creation of a media agency (several million turnover)
  • Personally create the first digital media for discotheques in Aix-Marseille (60,000 visits / month) and organize private afterworks for 300 to 400 people
  • Launch a social network of outings and meetings (2 million subscribers in 7 years)

In short, I have always loved “creating”. Create novelty, create added value, create emotions for people to discover new things. And one of the most beautiful emotions in my eyes is that of people who fall in love …

How does Waiter work in practice?

Every day, Waiter offers the user 3 profiles selected according to mutual affinities. Out of these 3 profiles, only one choice is possible because we believe that love is unique! If the choice is reciprocal, it’s a match and it is then possible to get to know each other thanks to the private messaging chat, all for free.

But that’s not all, because if it doesn’t match, it is possible to have a 2th luck with the other people presented. In this case, it is necessary to use a “tip” near the Waiter so that he arranges the blow discreetly …

Sometimes an unexpected surprise can happen when being chosen by someone introduced but not chosen. The user must then guess who this person is among all those presented the previous days.

With Waiter, users no longer have to search for profiles, it’s the app that takes care of everything, a bit like a best friend who knows us and tries to introduce us to people who can match us.

We therefore believe that we have created THE concept that allows us to really meet the right person in a natural and unexpected way while taking the necessary time. It can happen today, tomorrow or in a month but we are sure it is possible.

What is your take on current dating apps and sites?

Most current applications and sites promote overconsumption of profiles with a double negative effect: people have the impression of being considered as objects and they sometimes pass next to the person who corresponds to them without even realizing it.

Waiter is a totally new concept and goes against the grain of what currently exists.

We have also found that many singles don’t want to use a dating app because they don’t want to be displayed in a profile catalog for everyone to see, and most importantly, find that virtual dating is not natural enough.

It is on the basis of these observations that we created Waiter which, we hope, will be able to appeal both to people disappointed with existing applications and also to people who did not want to use them.

What is your business model?

Waiter has created a business model fully integrated into the concept; in the sense that we encourage users to make the right choice for free, and also optionally offer additional chances to meet a soul mate.

The price of a 2th luck is symbolic (between 0.50 € and 0.99 €) but sufficient to dissuade the multiplication of choices that do not really come from the heart.

We will gradually offer new options for example to “catch up” for profile proposals when the user has not been able to connect for one or more days (which currently causes the loss of profiles that could have been presented during these days of absence).

Within a year, we will also be able to offer a subscription system to upgrade the service from a free 3-star basic offer to a 4-star then 5-star offer.

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Young couple smart phone screen kiss. Florence Italy

The first results in Marseille are positive (more than 2000 registered and 20% of daily active users), what is your next goal?

The results are very satisfactory because few services manage to break through in this sector dominated by very large players with impressive marketing power (the Match / Meetic / Tinder group or POF).

After Marseille, we want to make ourselves known in Paris within a few weeks and look for investors to then launch quickly internationally. The concept is indeed universal and can therefore appeal to the US, China and everywhere else.

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Presentation of the premium Digital Desk coworking space, opened by the Lokall marketing and media group with Solenne Savoia.

1605324573 204 Made in Aix Marseille Waiter Digital Desk

Can you tell us about the Lokall agency?

Solenne Savoia: Lokall is a consulting agency specializing in retail marketing. We support our clients on 3 main pillars: the media strategy (with particular expertise in the drive-to-store), the in-store experience (transforming the point of sale so that it is in line with the new expectations of consumers) and change management (supporting the skills development of point-of-sale teams). Retail is a market fueled by innovation. We are therefore constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations that will boost the performance of our customers.

Why did you launch the Digital Desk space?

We have one obsession at Lokall: to stay in constant contact with the “makers”: innovative market players or young shoots in development. In this dynamic, we have decided to open our offices to start-upers and other MarTech players in order to exchange insights and expertise on a daily basis. At the same time, driven by our passion for entrepreneurship and progress, we have been led to support innovative projects, resolutely turned towards the future. We therefore had to create a space dedicated to innovation, a hub between coworking space and incubator: Digital Desk was born!

How does it stand out from Marseille coworking spaces?

Renting workspace is neither our activity nor an end in itself. This initiative gives life to our desire to create synergies by bringing together digital players. Our offer is closer to that of corpoworking: the social aspect of coworking combined with the expertise of a group. This is what we offer our incubated members: direct access to understanding the market and the skills of each of our employees.

1605324573 872 Made in Aix Marseille Waiter Digital Desk

What is the typical profile of the coworkers you welcome?

If the profiles we welcome are all different and unique, they have in common the digital fiber. Today, we host a benchmark company in mobile Ad tech, as well as several developing startups.

What are your goals for this year?

Welcome new passionate members, see each other’s projects (co) develop and finally, create more events and activities around a digital desk.

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The correspondant:


Audrey Debraine is Head of Lab France at StarDust.

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