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From the start-up Mood Messenger, via La Coque, an overview of economic and digital news with Audrey Debraine, FrenchWeb correspondent in Aix-Marseille.

Presentation of the mobile application Mood Messenger, following our meeting with Saïd Hadjiat, co-founder of this Marseille product which is revolutionizing the use of SMS across the globe.

Made in Aix Marseille Mood Messenger The Case
Saïd Hadjiat, co-founder of Mood Messenger

It was at the end of 2015 that the Mood Messenger application was born, after the observation of a father (Saïd the co-founder) finding that his daughters, constantly on their phones, ultimately had few SMS functionalities to communicate fun and simple way.

The starting point of Mood Messenger? Replace the default Android SMS application with a new one that is simpler, more efficient and more intuitive, through the use of emojis and especially predictive writing: a simple typed word thus making it possible to choose between several emojis illustrating it.

Since then, the in-app features and content offered have multiplied: voice filters, animated emojis, the possibility of pinning elements or even hiding and protecting conversations. Enough to radically change the user experience by providing it with many configurable elements (color, theme, font, etc.) and 100% personalized messaging.

And success is there, with two fundraising of one million euros in the first half of 2017, and one million active users celebrated at the beginning of November, of which the three most represented countries of origin are the USA. , then the Philippines and finally France.

Initially developed to reach 15/25 year olds, the application now tends to broaden its target towards 35/45 year olds, thanks to its new service bricks. Indeed, it will be possible to include in SMS conversations customary services such as links to Uber, Yelp restaurant listings or concerts via Digitick. A simple affiliation system that triggers a commission as soon as a reservation is made, and which, with branded emojis (McDonald’s burger – Starbucks Coffee, etc.) constitutes the Mood Messenger revenue mechanism.

Next step: the imminent fundraising of 6 million euros which will allow “Mood” to continue its development (the team has grown from 6 to 19 employees in less than a year), to extend its presence in the mobile messaging sector to other countries, and to meet its ambitions.

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Open since September and inaugurated a few weeks ago, Shell is Marseille’s new digital space. Vincent Richet, Managing Director, tells us about this large-scale cluster located in the heart of Euroméditerranée.

Audrey Debraine, FrenchWeb correspondent : Hello Vincent, can you summarize the concept of La Coque?

Vincent Richet, CEO of La Coque: La Coque is above all the digital showcase of Aix-Marseille French Tech in partnership with Euroméditerranée and Connectwave, we can summarize it in 4 points:

  • A place for start-ups, digital players and companies from the “traditional” economy to meet and discuss.
  • Digitalized event venue for digital and “traditional” companies (conference, trade fair, workshops, training / information, etc.).
  • Place of digital content and demonstrations with 2 permanent content (Showroom IOT Connectwave and Space Building Information Modeling (BIM / CIM)) and content that will be visible several times a year in partnership with the digital ecosystem of Aix-Marseille (Incubators, accelerators, clusters…).
  • A place to raise awareness of digital use for companies and communities at an international level.

Why “La Coque”?

Quite simply because we looked for a name that sounds good and sums up the digital what we have not found… Then when Manuel Valls, then Prime Minister came in September 2016, we only had a few days to define the name of this future place and the code name “La Coque” was imposed because it was an empty concrete shell. Revealing because La Coque being a showcase highlighting the know-how and skills of our territory, La Coque would be the container of digital content in Aix-Marseille.

What types of events take place at La Coque?

All types of events revolving around digital, the use of digital technology and entrepreneurship without forgetting education and solidarity because we must as an economic actor. This goes from the conference, to the trade fair / exhibition, meetings / networking, workshops / meetup, training / information, challenges / hackathon to more “festive” events of the ecosystem, video / TV set, etc.

Connected objects are an area particularly highlighted in the place, can you tell us more?

Connected objects are one of the areas highlighted in La Coque with the Connectwave showroom. If digital is a transformation of uses, processes and management, it is also the connection of all everyday objects and of the company and a major shift for our economy. This showroom will allow our metropolis of Aix-Marseille, its startups and companies to accelerate and be a leader in France and internationally.

You inaugurated La Coque on 1er Last December, what do you remember from the reception given to the place by the local actors?

Huge! More than 1000 people in a single day in a place of 426 m2 it was not as expected. All the actors of the political world (Mr. Gaudin, Mr. Muselier, Mrs. Vassal…) and the economic actors like the President of the CCI Marseille Provence Jean-Luc Chauvin were present. A real proof of the expectations of our territory and the response that La Coque brings to it!

What are your ambitions for 2018?

Our ambitions with Aix-Marseille French Tech, Euroméditerranée and Connectwave are:

  • continue to animate this place which has already hosted in 3 months 51 events and more than 4000 people,
  • work in synergy with digital and economic ecosystems and communities,
  • bring an image of leader in France and internationally at the digital and economic level to accelerate our start-ups and attract the most talents without our metropolis of Aix-Marseille.

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Audrey Debraine is Head of Lab France at StarDust.