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From the start-up Walkoo City Map, via La Fabulerie, an overview of economic and digital news with Audrey Debraine, FrenchWeb correspondent in Aix-Marseille.

Walkoo City Map

Meeting with Sabrina Grassi and Jean-Jacques Temprado, the co-founders of Walkoo City Map.

Made in Aix Marseille La Fabulerie Walkoo City Map

Audrey Debraine: What is Walkoo City Map?

Sabrina Grassi and Jean-Jacques Temprado the co-founders of Walkoo City Map: Walkoo City Map is the first free and secure contributory platform for sharing routes on foot, in your city or while traveling, anywhere in the world. It includes an application (currently in Beta version for Android), a ChatBot Messenger (Walkoo) and a website (www.walkoocitymap.com) serving a community.

What needs and / or observations did you get this idea from?

Walking is a universal practice with a strong societal impact, which has multiple benefits. We know its positive effects on health, fitness and well-being. But walking is much more: it is a vector of social bond, intergenerational practice and cultural discovery. In addition, it constitutes an active mobility which preserves the environment, allowing access to unusual places, hidden and preserved from motorized modes of transport.

Paradoxically, there was no platform allowing each of us, resident or traveler, to be guided to discover on foot the hidden treasures that most cities in the world conceal. Hence the idea of ​​creating an application that lists these places, often only known to insiders, and encourages the user to discover them by walking, alone or with others. We also wanted to give Walkoo City Map a strong contributory dimension, because we know that after having visited beautiful places, we want to share them. This is what Walkoo City Map allows: by having access to the platform, each member of the community can become a contributor and suggest routes. Walkoo City Map also allows you to meet other enthusiasts of urban explorations. Everyone can thus propose or join a joint walking, for example constitute a group for a visit or take the initiative of a solidarity action.

Locals, tourists, sportsmen, culture lovers… Who is your application for?

The app is for everyone! The members of the community are walkers, designers, urban gardeners, witnesses of the territory, passionate about street art, architecture, discreet heritage, connoisseurs of the unusual city, elders wishing to transmit the memory of their city, urban hikers …

Users accumulate points, to be converted into “rewards”, can you tell us more?

It is indeed a specificity of Walkoo City Map to reward walking to encourage members of the community to walk more to become aware of and benefit from its positive impact, both individually and collectively. To do this, the WalkooMeter, an ultra-personalized scientific algorithm from the Institute of Movement Sciences of Aix-Marseille University, converts the activity deployed during walking into points. It is also possible to earn points by contributing, by sponsoring friends or, for example, by organizing a joint walking… These points are then exchanged for advantages offered by partners, also members of Walkoo, who share the values from the community.

What is your current business model?

The application is free for users and its funding is provided by actors, individuals or institutions, of the social and solidarity economy, sensitive to the positive impact in terms of the fight against sedentary lifestyle, environmental preservation, promotion of the territories, the local economy, the inter-generational and inter-cultural link and overall, “better living together”.

The Chatbot is today an essential element in the field of user experience, what is your vision and what are the particularities of the WalkooCityMap chatbot?

Walkoo is the Chatbot, the application’s assistant, available at all times in Messenger to suggest routes or activities according to the user’s interests and mood. Its intelligence is still superficial (!) For the moment, but it must be enriched by the best possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in the future. The Chatbot also maintains engagement by regularly sending information to members of the community who want it.

What are your medium and short term ambitions?

The application is currently being tested in the Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region for Android. An IOS version should be developed in the coming months. Walkoo City Map will then be deployed in Ile-de-France then in other regions in France and Europe, starting with the most active contributor communities!

La Fabulerie

Made in Aix Marseille La Fabulerie Walkoo City Map

It is on Boulevard Garibaldi, at the corner of Cours Lieutaud and La Canebière that the new Fabulerie opened its doors last December. On site, 350m2 of premises, a 150m2 glass roof (formerly that of the Hotel Astoria) and a café area welcome multidisciplinary concepts, ideas and events in line with a creative and innovative dynamic.

Led by Axelle Benaich, this Marseille collective aims to shake up, encourage metamorphosis and promote new practices related to digital, educational and cultural fields. The idea is simple: allow everyone (children, adults, digital enthusiasts or digital enthusiasts) to realize various projects by working in collaborative mode with artists, specialized professionals or foreign structures for example. In order to facilitate the development of projects, resources, training, evaluations, tools and methods are offered.

Creation and expression are the watchwords of this original place which also houses fun tools such as the city’s 1st 3D printer for the public

Audrey Debraine is Head of Lab France at StarDust.