Madame Figaro launches her digital monthly, i-Mad

by bold-lichterman

Le Figaro has just lifted the veil on i-Mad, the group’s new digital magazine.
i-Mad is an application for tablets whose stated ambition is to offer a new reading experience.

Already available for iPad, i-Mad is presented as an application that instantly offers you to download a 275 MB file. An Adobe solution adopted by Wired in the United States and which makes it easily accessible regardless of the type of tablet. Madame Figaro launches her digital monthly i MadFrom the opening, Anne-Florence Schmitt, the Editorial Director presents us, in video and on a white background, to discover the “first coffee table digital book”, sic!

The navigation is done as in a good tablet application both vertically (files) and horizontally (articles). The articles are embellished with a “+” symbol to indicate increased content (texts, shopping info, videos, etc.)

Each month, i-Mad will offer a selection of 7 to 10 topics covered in the last 4 or 5 issues of Madame Figaro. The digital magazine is fully realized internally by Madame Figaro’s print editorial teams.

Stéphanie Jolivot, editor of the Madame division of the Figaro group: “We want to be at the forefront of existing applications. The i-Mad offers innovative digital writing that combines the best of print culture with the best of technology. “

In the end, a very pleasant reading experience that can be done, and this is the whole point of Adobe technology, in its entirety in offline mode. In connected mode, social interactivity is making its appearance again. In particular, it is possible to share an article on Twitter and Facebook. All that remains is to show a minimum of patience, the time of the initial download.

Download iPad version