Machine Learning, Big Data … Where are we in French companies?

by bold-lichterman

The machine learning revolution in companies is still in its infancy. In fact, large groups have understood the value of retrieving key data to automate a certain number of their sales processes. Machine learning allows them to take into account thousands of paramaters at the same time, and which the human brain alone could not operate. In this, machine learning is directly linked to Big Data on the side of the information to be aggregated, but also to artificial intelligence, for decision-making. What stage of maturity are French companies in terms of machine learning?

This new field of possibilities will necessarily have societal consequences for expert Eric Biernat from the consulting firm Octo Technology, the organizer of the USI (Unexpected Sources of Inspiration) conference Frenchweb is a partner. In the company itself, internally, “the machine will do better than the manager on certain points”, affirms Eric Biernat.

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