[M-commerce] Young mobile addicts, a new El Dorado for brands?

by bold-lichterman

84% of 11-24 year olds own a cell phone. This is what reveals the last study SIMM-TGI Youth, carried out on a sample of 4,200 young people residing in France.

mobile addicts

Among them, 1 in 5 shows a real addiction to their mobile: 42% send more than 100 texts per week and 77% connect to the Internet daily from their phone. More impressive, 89% of them say they are constantly checking to see if they have a message and 74% admit not being able to live without the internet on their mobile.

The study also underlines the ability of these “mobile addicts” to adapt to new uses: 7.5% have already made VOIP calls (compared to 2.7% for all 11-24 year olds), 7.4 % have already called in videophone and 24% have already watched television from their mobile.

Before age 15, mobile internet use is still low: only 18% of 11-14 year olds connect to mobile internet at least once a week compared to 53% of “mobile addicts” of the same age. On the other hand, from 15 years old, 48% of 15-24 year olds connect once a week against 93% of “mobile addicts” of the same age.

Finally, the study considers these young “mobile addicts” as precursors of m-commerce. Indeed, 9.5% of them have already purchased or downloaded for a fee via their mobile (compared to 3% for all 11-24 year olds). 11% even say they are ready to buy on social networks (compared to 7% of 11-24 year olds).

Find all the figures in this infographic:

mobile infographics addicts