M-commerce specialist Shopzilla offers itself the start-up Zappli, co-founded by Frenchman Philippe Suchet

by bold-lichterman

The takeover of the young shoot specializing in mobile shopping will allow Shopzilla to strengthen its expertise in the m-commerce sector.

Shopzilla has just acquired Zappli, a start-up publisher of myShopanion and instaBuy mobile shopping solutions.

Launched in 2010, myShopanion is an iPhone social shopping application that allows its users to both consult information and consumer opinions on a product spotted in-store, and to seek real-time advice from their contacts and friends.

InstaBuy, launched in 2012, is an online checkout that allows consumers to communicate their billing address and credit card details so that they can be accessed from any mobile shopping application.

Before this acquisition, the amount of which remains secret, Shopzilla, which oversees several sites dedicated to online shopping (including French PriceLessCher.com), first sought to forge partnerships with Zappli. But the negotiations resulted in a more important merger between the two companies: Bill Glass, CEO of Shopzilla, affirms to have been very seduced by the expertise of Zappli in the very buoyant field of m-commerce. This takeover will enable it to develop new mobile payment and price comparison applications.

The Zappli teams will be leaving their San Francisco offices to integrate those of Shopzilla: French Philippe Suchet, co-founder and CEO of Zappli, becomes Chief Strategy Officer of Shopzilla.

Photo credit: Shutterstock, millions of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos