Lyonnais Cegid wants to seduce American retailers with the takeover of JDS Solutions

by bold-lichterman

New impetus for the French group Cegid. The latter announced on Wednesday that he had reached an agreement for the acquisition of the American company. JDS Solutions, specializing in software publishing for commerce brick and mortar. Based in San Diego, the company publishes solutions for management physical points of sale in fashion cloud : inventory management, obtaining statistics on consumer behavior in order to provide trends, automation of purchasing systems, payment management, customer relationship management, etc. It mainly targets medium-sized retailers.

5.5 million euros in turnover

In France, start-ups like Tiller System They are also positioning themselves in the segment of the digitization of physical points of sale. This announcement comes as Bigcommerce, an American firm that publishes a platform to quickly set up an e-commerce site, just bought, a Texan start-up specialized without the point of sale management systems in fashion cloud.

Founded in 2000, JDS Solutions now has around 30 employees and generated $ 5.5 million in sales last year. The teams will be integrated into those of Cegid. The customer portfolio, mainly located in the United States and Canada, includes major brands, including Buffalo Bills and the Red Bull Arena. It will complement that of Cegid which specifies that with this takeover, the new group will form a team of 40 people entirely dedicated to customers. retail in the USA.

Omnichannel strategy

With this new acquisition, Cegid wishes to strengthen itself in the distribution sector in North America, where the French group has been present for more than 10 years – the company has an office in New York in particular – but also in omnichannel commerce. which consists of adopting a strategy both online and in physical stores.

Specialized in software publishing, particularly for digital transformation purposes, Cegid claims more than 110,000 customers worldwide for a total of 400,000 users for its financial, tax and human resources management solutions. Based in Lyon, the group has more than 2,000 employees in 16 countries and achieved a turnover of 267 million euros in 2014.

Interview with Patrick Bertrand, CEO of Cegid, in November 2014:

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