[London Calling] Best of Slush in Tokyo

by bold-lichterman

This month, Stéphanie Bouchet (@rougefrog), the correspondent of FrenchWeb in London and founder of the agency RougeFrog, traveled to Tokyo for the Slush 2017 event.

  • Benjamin Joffe, partner at HAX, the IoT incubator based in Shenzhen, China, gives some advice to Japanese entrepreneurs,

  • Jean-Dominique François, coordinator of the FrenchTech in Tokyo evokes the French ecosystem in Japan,

  • Vincent Bruneau, founder and CEO of Magency and Steve Furukubo, GM Japan of Magency, explains why French and Japanese make a good team,

  • Yan Fan, CTO of Chrysalis code presents his start-up which carries out a training program for coders. She also talks about her ambitions,

  • More surprisingly, Touchy, the human camera and mascot of the event. With a headset, Touchy wants to show how technology and screens sometimes isolate from his interlocutor. Thus, it is necessary to touch so that the user, who wears the helmet and is blind, can see his interlocutor. After 10 seconds, the camera takes a photo. See the Touchy demo.

  • Mark Bivens, investor for Truffle Capital analyzes emerging technologies and sectors in Japan.

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