[Livre blanc] The dilemma of pro / personal uses in the company

by bold-lichterman

Orange Business Services, the Business division of the operator Orange, publishes a White Book, the result of a study carried out in 5 European countries, among 2,300 individuals and 6 sociologists.
The objective of this study: To understand how companies are coping with the explosion in the use of mobiles, social networks, personal messaging, videos, etc. A pro / personal dilemma which leads companies to adapt to this new situation.

Livre blanc The dilemma of pro personal uses inThe study tells us in particular that 84% of the employees questioned use elements of their personal life for professional purposes. 79% of them admit to staying in touch with their work outside working hours.

This White Book also identifies new challenges for companies: the security of the information system and the supervision of uses, the implementation of a company data protection policy on its mobile equipment, and the implementation of ‘a charter between the employee and the company.

Interview with Anne-Marie Thiolet, Business Line Director, Orange Business Services