[Livre blanc] Google and Performics challenge advertisers on mobile search

by bold-lichterman

Performics – media agency specializing in digital channels, subsidiary of the ZenithOptimedia Group – and Google publish today a white paper called Mobil’ization. In this collection, the aim is to quantify the opportunities and bring out the acquisition levers that mobile search represents for advertisers.

The book indicates that while 79% of smartphone users use their mobile as a purchasing aid, only 4% of mobile investments relate to search.

Livre blanc Google and Performics challenge advertisers on mobile search

Some figures on investments given by Google and Performics:

  • Between Christmas and the New Year, the number of Google Mobile queries increased by 11% compared to the previous week. At the same time, that of computer queries fell by 2%
  • In terms of volume, mobile search represents 2 to 10% of search engine clicks, depending on the sector. Performics estimates that mobile investments represent only 4%, while web search represents 42% of investments.

For Karim Eid, Managing Director of Performics: ” We are entering a new era, where the efforts of agencies and advertisers must focus on understanding and exploiting the possibilities of the mobile Internet.“.

For Arnauld Miter, agency director for Google’s SEEMEA region, it is about not missing today’s opportunities for advertisers: “ With this White Paper, we wish – in a simple and concrete way and through many textbook cases – to mobilize them around the many opportunities offered by this new channel, both to boost sales and to stimulate the intention of purchase or even consolidate brand awareness ”.

Several campaign case studies are deciphered there: PMU, Nestlé, Banque Populaire or Toyota which have invested in mobile search, with a specific strategy that the book classifies into 4 families:

  • Mobile and sales promotion
  • Mobile and e-business
  • Mobile and street-marketing
  • Mobile and media