Linutop, French creator of mini PCs and Linux OS

by bold-lichterman

Since 2006, Linutop develops hardware and software products in the open source Linux environment to offer miniature and economical solutions.

The company has already designed three versions of its mini PC Linutop, without fan and without hard disk, pre-equipped with an Ubuntu OS, Linutop French creator of mini PCs and Linux OSthe Open Office suite, Firefox, VLC Player.

A “kiosk” function allows the display of a web page or a video in full screen, ideal and economical solution for shops for example. Mini PCs can be assigned to a single task. They go out and start in seconds on this spot.

Software side, Linutop just got out Linutop OS 4 which takes over all the functions of the machines while launching on any PC from a simple usb key. It weighs around 700 MB. A Linux environment for everyone!

The prices of Linutop products range from 92 € for the OS to 340 € HT for the Linutop 3 mini PC and must be ordered. on the company website

Interview and demo with Frédéric Baille, CEO of Linutop