Linkility: the app to be in the right place at the right time

by bold-lichterman

Developed by Yann Massé and Laurent Desserrey, Linkility is a free local social network application that allows you to interact with other users located nearby.

linkility headband

Available on iPhone and soon on Android, it virtually connects strangers who meet each other physically every day, all in three steps:

  • “My eyes” allows you to get in touch with a person by recognizing their face, without knowing their name or any phone number.
  • “My voice” and “My ears” then make it possible to communicate with the users of the application.

You can thus indicate to others that you are looking to buy a guitar, a babysitter for the evening, a job or simply that you want to share a drink with someone … And maybe seize an opportunity that you would have passed under “Your nose ”.

A concept which could therefore prove to be interesting if, however, it manages to reach the critical size necessary for its proper functioning …