Lilo wants to make the Web ethical and united

by bold-lichterman

The Lilo search engine announces the launch of its new product, the ecological email. The service wants to help reduce the ecological impact when sending attachments by email and ensures that it does not read data sent by different users. “It’s a general public email. Our goal is for a large number of people to use it», Explains Clément Le Bras, co-founder of Lilo.

This tool is offered free of charge and without advertising. The Lilo search bar is directly integrated into the mailbox so that users can perform searches.

330,000 euros donated to the various projects supported by Lilo

Clément Le Bras and Marc Haussaire founded Lilo in February 2015. The search engine allows each time you make a request on the Internet, to finance environmental and social projects. The company has built its economic model around the commercial links present during this research. Half of the turnover generated by the company, which does not communicate the exact amount, is donated to the various projects.

Today, the start-up claims 30 million searches per month. Since its creation, the company has made it possible to finance 90 projects and donate 330,000 euros.

Founders: Clément Le Bras and Marc Haussaire

Creation: 2014, launched in February 2015

Seat : Paris

Activity: search engine