Lille start-up Axellience raises 500,000 euros: “now we have to go to the United States”

by bold-lichterman

Axellience, the Lille startup editor of GenMyModel [lire l’article La startup du jour : GenMyModel, un environnement simplifié pour développer en SaaS, ndlr], a SaaS development environment, has just raised 500,000 euros from Finovam, a seed company specialist, Nord France Amornement and Nord Création. This new investment will be used to speed up the marketing of the solution and program its research and development program.

“GenMyModel offers a real SaaS alternative in a fast growing market. The traction we are seeing today confirms that there is a strong expectation from the user side. The entry of investors will allow us to strengthen our team to develop our presence in the United States, India and China ”explains Alexis Muller, CEO of Axellience.

Founded in 2012, the company now boasts 30,000 developers using its solution in more than 150 countries. “To design software, developers need modeling tools that support the most common languages. […] With SaaS mode, there is a “new deal” in the developer’s toolbox. […] It is now done with GenMyModel, the collaborative modeling tool in SaaS mode ”he explained in January on Frenchweb.

Frenchweb: Axellience is a company that publishes GenMyModel, a software design and production environment in SaaS mode. You announce a fundraising of 500,000 euros. How did the operation go?

alexis-mullerAlexis Muller We are within the planned “turnaround times”, this first fundraising was in our financing plan since the start of the project and we are very satisfied with the way the operation went with Finovam, Nord France Amornement and North Creation.

The process really started in September with the meeting of the main financing players present in the region. Regarding national operators, we benefited from the support of the Euratechnologies team for networking, the organization of meetings in Lille and strategic support.

How are you going to use this new investment?

There are two objectives that will be carried out in parallel: commercial development and the continuation of our R&D program. Regarding the business aspect, we expect that GenMyModel will be offered in a paid version before Summer. The entry of investors will allow us to strengthen our team to accelerate and develop our presence in the United States, India and China (today we have nearly 30,000 users in 150 countries).

Regarding the R&D plan, we will also strengthen the team to maintain our technological lead. It is essential for us to always be one step ahead.

What are the new products coming to Axellience?

New offer, new collaborators, new projects… We will not run out of innovations in 2014. We can also add new horizons with in the viewfinder, the American market, strategic for us today. It is primarily there that things will develop for two reasons: American developers are making trends which will then be taken up in India and elsewhere and SaaS offers like ours are already very developed in the United States, it is not You just have to see the success of GitHub (SaaS source code management tool) or Codenvy (code editor in web mode).

We will have to organize some form of presence on site. The only thing missing was the resources, things will now be able to be done.

How do you create and develop a startup in Lille?

Inria’s support during the incubation phase was decisive in the success of our technology transfer. I also think that beyond the speeches agreed on the subject – with Euratechnologies – something is happening in Lille with regard to innovation and startups: incubator, accelerator, coaching, funding…

Everything is in place and it seems to be working well. For example, we and my associates received training at Stanford University on innovation monetization. A real chance for us as for the 80 Lille start-ups who have already benefited from the device for 3 years.

Founders: Alexis Muller, Thomas Legrand, Stéphane Deveaux

Investors: entry planned for 2014

Creation date: 2012

Number of employees: 6

Company based in: Lille, Euratechnologies