[LeWeb’12] Launch of Recommend, trusted reviews on mobile

by bold-lichterman

At a time when social recommendations are everywhere and when false opinions are starting to really pollute its spaces of exchange, Recommend mobile app, launched in beta on the occasion of The Web, intends to offer a trusted recommendation. Clearly, rely on the opinions of people in whom we really trust to archive, organize and share experiences by theme or place. Recommend is one of the 6 French startups in competition.

It is therefore a question of giving both consistency, relevance and potential duration to the recommendations of your knowledge and breaking with the parasitic noises of crowdsourcing. Everyone can share their favorites and opinions in their areas of expertise (80 categories available: sport, travel, reading, health, shows, etc.). He writes a comment, uploads a photo and / or illustrates his opinion with a “smiley”. This recommendation can then be noted by his friends which allows to prioritize the opinions.

Presentation by Nicolas Mendiharat, Founder and CEO of Recommend.