[LeWeb’12] Fred Potter, Netatmo: “There is a French touch of the Internet of Things”

by bold-lichterman

Frédéric Potter is not his first experience in the Internet of Things. He co-founded Withings in 2008, a startup which notably develops the connected bathroom scale.

Frédéric Potter had, before that, founded Cirpak (ADSL telephony) then sold to Technolor. Today he is the head of Netatmo, which has been marketing the first connected weather station since early September which also measures indoor air quality and displays the results on iPhone. Yesterday, at the LeWeb show, he presented on stage a community function added to the station, a sort of mapping of the results from other Netatmo stations.

The company goes on the other hand to receive 3 prizes at the next consumer electronics show, the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas next January.

Fred Potter delivers his vision on this market where the French seem good at design, engineering, and development: