[LeWeb’11] Voyages-sncf.com clarifies its mobile strategy

by bold-lichterman

Voyages-sncf.com, the first French e-commerce site, was this midday at LeWeb’11 for a press conference hosted by its director Yves Tyrode. An opportunity to take stock of the evolutions of the platform in terms of web strategy: e-commerce> m-commerce (mobile)> s-commerce (social)

LeWeb11 Voyages sncfcom clarifies its mobile strategy

Voyages-sncf.com in a few figures:

  • A business volume of € 3 billion
  • 55 million banknotes trains sold, one third of which are dematerialized tickets
  • 1.2 million unique visitors
  • 70% of French internet users have made a purchase on the site at least once (in 2010)

Boosted by the success of the e-tickets launched in September, mobile remains a major strategic issue for 2012, with a desire to bet on all platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) and on HTML5 technology.

  • 3% of the business volume in 2011 (73% on iPhone, 15% on iPad, 10% on Android and 2% on BlackBerry)
  • 25% of train tours are on mobile
  • 25% of mobile users book their ticket the same day
  • 3 million applications downloaded

The travel agency also recently launched application Facebook Petits Voyages entre Amis to strengthen its presence on social networks.