[LeWeb’11] Spotify’s little “big announcement”

by bold-lichterman

After the Deezer offensive, which announced to conquer the world, leaving however the United States, the intervention of Daniel Ek, Co-Founder and CEO of Spotify, was eagerly awaited. Even Reuters cameras were in the starting blocks.

However, no major announcement at the rendezvous. Daniel Ek nevertheless took advantage of this last day of LeWeb’11 to take stock of Spotify’s activity and unveil the latest innovation of the service with the launch of a Spotify radio, available on its app platform.

LeWeb11 Spotifys little big announcement

According to Daniel Ek, this radio would be a kind of “Pandora”. According to the explanations of the official blog, it is enough to choose a title or an artist for the radio to start playing music according to the choice made. An infinite number of radios can be created. And, when a title does not please us, it is possible to skip it so as not to have to listen to it. The automatic update of the application containing these new radios as well as the Spotify Apps should start in a few days. However, a preview version is downloadable

As a reminder, when of a conference held in New York on November 30, Spotify announced with great fanfare the launch of its app platform. Indeed, the site now offers third-party developers to create “innovative and interactive” music applications.

At the same time, the Swede stressed that since his partnership with Facebook, the platform had gained nearly 7M users. Important information: the site would have 2.5M paying subscribers who would pay an average of $ 10 per month. In total, the music streaming service is said to have 10M active users. As a comparison, according to Johanna Shields, since her partnership with Facebook, Deezer would attract for its part, 10,000 new users per day …

Responding to Loïc Le Meur, the CEO of Spotify finally clarified that no IPO was planned for the moment.