[LeWeb’11] Media Heroes, curation tool for bloggers

by bold-lichterman

At a time when everyone is doing their own curation by sharing links via social networks, Media Heroes don’t forget that there are still blogs and offers an enriched bookmarking tool for bloggers.

The principle is quite simple :

  • 1 – Copy the link of a spotted content + a keyword
  • 2 – Specify in a comment the reasons for this sharing and add a visual (screenshot, Flickr image…)
  • 3 – Publish instantly on your blog or schedule the upload

LeWeb11 Media Heroes curation tool for bloggers

The service is now interfaced with WordPress blogs (.com or .org) and will be in the coming weeks with Drupal and Joomla among others.

Interview from LeWeb’11 TV studio with the earthy Salah Benzakour, CEO of Media Heroes.