[LeWeb’11] Foursquare, Instagram, the latest key figures!

by bold-lichterman

Since 10 am this morning, the conferences are linked to LeWeb’11. Karl Lagerfeld, Eric Schmidt, Joanna Shields notably took the microphone. However, Kevin Systrom, CEO from Instagram, and Dennis Crowley, co-founder and CEO of Foursquare, also drew attention by reporting the latest figures for their respective departments. The details…

LeWeb11 Foursquare Instagram the latest key figures

Today Foursquare is:

  • 15 million users
  • 4 million check-ins carried out every day
  • 30 million places listed by the service
  • 50% of users located outside the United States
  • Asia and Latin America as markets with the greatest potential
  • 600,000 companies that use the service to attract consumers.
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Launched in October 2010, Instagram already claims for its part:

  • 14M users
  • 60 photos shared per second
  • For only… Less than 10 employees!