[LeWeb’ London] Only a few days left to participate in the Startup Competition!

by bold-lichterman

For the first time since its launch, The Web will give twice date to internet professionals during the same year, with a first meeting in London on June 19 and 20 and a second in Paris on December 4, 5 and 6, 2012.
For once, Géraldine and Loïc Le Meur present the event in French!

Like the previous Parisian editions, the LeWeb London conference will organize a Startup Competition, whose vocation is to allow young shoots to find themselves in the spotlight.

Having for theme “Faster than real time”, the competition will focus, this time, more particularly on startups that have developed mobile applications in real time. Candidates now only have a few days (until May 15) to complete a free participation form and thus attempt to participate in LeWeb London.

To apply, startups must nevertheless meet several criteria:

  • Have raised less than € 1.5M
  • Address the general public or business users.
  • And finally, launch your product or business at the time of the LeWeb London conference.

The finalists, whose names will be released on May 20, will be invited to come and defend their application at the conference. As in Paris, the winners will have the chance to step onto the main stage to pitch their project.