Letter to FoodTech entrepreneurs and other start-ups

by bold-lichterman

I’m sick of #sorry.

For those who ignore it, we call FoodTech all companies whose activity combines new technologies and food. Many start-ups are being created in this very trendy field. To give you an example of the services offered, it could be the combination of a smartphone application with the delivery of home meals like Uber eats or Foodora, the delivery of baskets to the home via a website, the e- food trade, gourmet boxes etc.

Did you get it?

Among all these businesses that are being created, there are quite a few that surf on “healthy eating”, on “what are we eating tonight”, on “how many calories”, on “I”. share the best recipes ”, on“ what recipes to make with the ingredients from my fridge, from my cupboard ”, on“ I send you recipes by messenger ”and patati et patata.

In short.

Only to develop all these services, you need a raw material: recipes and photos.

And that’s where it gets tough, internet friends.

Finally, it gets worse especially for us, content creators, because almost NEVER these people think that the recipes and the photos can belong to someone.

It’s on the internet Coco, it’s nobody and it’s free.


They are engineers or have gone to business schools and it almost never occurs to them.

Finally when I say never I’m not sure, because I don’t count the number of times the watermark (the Taste Buds and Pupils noted at the bottom of my photos) is removed by cropping the image …

Re Short.

Inspire …. Expire….

So when this happens to me I take my feather my Mac to write to them:

Hey Coco, what is my content doing here? Don’t you bother to develop your company, to sell your service from my job?

And there, they answer you in 99% of cases… .. tadam… ..


WTF (c) Wokandapix CC0 Pixabay

I’m fed up © Wokandapix CC0 Pixabay

No, but WTF, young padawan!

Just because I have a cooking blog doesn’t mean I’m a quiche (type 1), a squash (type 2) or a noodle (type 3). Are we talking about unfair competition? Right on the photos? Trademark law? What good is it that I go out of my way to write Legal Notice ? What is your visibility story? You steal my content, you delete them watermarkets of my photos, you don’t link to my blog, you compete with me on my own content and you want me to thank you ??


Following my email, I have 5 types of reactions :

  • They play dead (yes it’s a reaction not to answer?) and say to themselves that this poor culinary blogger will get bored => So there, clearly not. I ask once and bam I send my lawyer, I have other things to do. Yes, friends of the Internet, I had to hire a specialized lawyer to solve this kind of problem. Just because my content is free doesn’t mean it belongs to you. When you start a blog, you don’t think for a second that it’s going to have to come to this.
  • They make you understand that your head no longer goes through the doors. Like oh the other, she thinks she invented the pot au feu and the mash, what did she come to us emm .. annoy about his recipe. => So there, clearly not either, eh, I did not invent anything. But this does not mean that the way I write my recipes, my photos and my brand are free of rights and usable to develop your services.
  • They tell you ah but we didn’t know, we will try to solve the problem, tell us all your recipes in our database and we will remove them. Hey, Coco, do you think I have 3 hours to spare checking all the recipes stuck on the web and finding mine? You knew how to take them, you will know how to remove them.
  • They You offer to collaborate. Usually this is where they get the hang of it because they don’t have money to buy your recipes from you. They create their box with your content and you have to thank them because they offer you visibility, which, moreover, is another question. Did they ask you for your opinion? No ! The next time I buy my yoghurts at the supermarket, I will say that I do not pay for them because it gives visibility for Danone to my family and friends.
  • They play on the sensitive chord : No but we have to help us, we are a very small business, we have no money. What am I guys? World company? Do you think I’m rolling on gold? How do you think I make a living?

In short, it’s been a long time that I no longer discuss and that I act but that exasperates me. And I can tell you that a whole community of food bloggers no longer supports this systematic looting. We even have groups specializing in this on social media. I see colleagues who are desperate? and who end up shutting down their blogs. Because in addition to clearly ignoring the legislation, these business creators do not imagine for a single second the side affect that we put in our blogs.

So it’s sure, there is no death of man but if for them, it is just a way to create their box and maybe make a fortune one day with our recipes and our photos, for us, it is it is time spent, a lot of time spent creating, photographing, uploading, …

And above all it is the sharing of a emotion, of a family memory, a pleasure shared on OUR support and discussion with you, OUR readers.

And when I think that in addition they manage to raise funds while for the creation of content, it has become complicated for many….

Anyway, I think I’ll sign up for a yoga class, it will do me good.

Article originally published on the Papilles et Pupilles blog.

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Anne LATAILLADE graduated from a Business School and lives in Bordeaux. It was in 2005 that she created her blog Taste buds and pupils to share his recipes and thus answer the famous question: But what are we eating tonight.

Today she manages her blog full time, creates recipes, photographs, produces editorial content (gastronomy, trends, travel, best practices on the web) and writes tourist guides and cookbooks.