[Les start-up de la semaine] Sharepay, SchoolMouv, ChefClub …

by bold-lichterman

The French Chefclub wants to compete with the Americans Tastemade and Tasty

“Food is a universal language“Says Steven Kydd, co-founder of Tastemade, the community of ‘food lovers‘, at Wall Street Journal. Proof by the numbers: five of the ten most popular producers on social networks work on the culinary theme, according to data from the Tubular Institute.

French Chefclub is part of it. It launched a few months ago in this rapidly evolving but already very competitive market. With more than 3 million Facebook fans, how does the start-up intend to differentiate itself from its main competitors (Demotivateur Food, Tasty, Tastemade, etc.)? More details with Thomas Lang, co-founder.

Frenchweb: Who are your competitors?

thomas-lang-chefclub-2016Thomas Lang, co-founder: In France, Chefclub significantly dominates the market since our performance is superior to the combined performance of all French players (Marmiton, 750G, Démotivateur Food, Omnomnom / Superbon, CuisineAZ, etc.).

The competitors are in fact Americans. These are Tastemade and Tasty. Both are heavily funded, $ 80 million, for the first, $ 240 million for the second (mostly funded by NBC Universal). With recording studios organized around the world, they are re-building television, online, on platforms, of course with international development.

We are fortunate to be based in Paris which brings together incredible culinary talents from around the world. Thus, we wish to promote the strong European culinary cultures to make Chefclub the leading chain in Europe.

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