Leetchi celebrates its 2 years with strong BtoB and BtoC growth

by bold-lichterman

In two years, Leetchi has become the benchmark French start-up in social payment. Internet users can simply create prize pools there as soon as they have an expense to do together (birthday, parties, races with several, organized weekends …) by directly inviting their friends via Facebook or Gmail and pay their share via the site.

Leetchi celebrates its 2 years with strong BtoB and BtoCAn electronic payment technology that interests more and more partners such as the crowdfunding site Ulule or the e-commerce platform Pixmania. Leetchi, a BtoC service for 80,000 users, records a transaction every 40 seconds and an average prize pool of € 400. But Leetchi also sees itself more and more as an API (Leetchi Wallet Services) which makes it possible to deploy new social approaches on e-commerce sites and collective means of payment in social universes such as Facebook.

On the occasion of his birthday party, Leetchi presented two videos last night: a presentation of his concept and another of the new version of the Facebook application, “Common Gift”, developed with Pixmania. Here they are :

Leetchi raised € 450,000 from 360 Capital Partners and Kima Ventures in February 2010, then 1.2 M € again with 360 just a year ago. The start-up now has around fifteen employees around its founder and CEO, Céline Lazorthes.