Leankr increases TV shows with web content, and vice versa

by bold-lichterman

Pierre Roulph and Julien Perron founded in April 2012 Leankr. The start-up offers viewers, on the Web, additional information about the program they are watching. The goal is to offer them different and relevant content.

Their “Redbox” platform analyzes live broadcasts from major television channels and generates this additional content. For example, during the TF1 newscast, on the website, viewers find several articles angled differently, in relation to the broadcast report. More details with Pierre Roulph, CEO and co-founder of Leankr.

FrenchWeb: What problem does Leankr solve?

pierre-roulphPierre Roulph, CEO and co-founder of Leankr: Many web publishers have chosen to recommend sponsored content to monetize the pages of their site. This content “Elsewhere on the Web” often present at the bottom of the page, is perceived negatively by Internet users who turn massively to ad blockers. We offer an alternative by recommending videos with high added value for Internet users.

What’s your value proposition?

We have developed a video platform that allows Web publishers to broadcast on their site extracts of TV shows directly related to the subject of a Web page. This platform analyzes the content of each page and then automatically cuts a video extract into affinity, from archives of TV shows made available by the channels and producers.

Advertising revenue is shared between the publisher, the copyright owner and Leankr.

Who are the users of your solution?

Our solution is aimed, on the one hand, at Web publishers offering editorial content in various themes and who seek to increase attention to their site, rather than diverting it with sponsored content. To deploy the solution, the publisher adds a piece of JavaScript code to its pages and controls the level of use and monetization with a dedicated tool.

Our solution is also intended for rights holders and producers of television programs who wish to (re) enhance their archives and increase the visibility of their programs on the Web.


What is your development plan?

Our platform has been used since 2014 by large chains such as M6, France Télévisions. We provide, for example, the search engine of Pluzz.fr.

We are building an exhaustive video catalog by aggregating the archives of reference TV shows on major themes: health, cuisine, fashion, decoration, science etc. At the same time, we are building a network of partner web editors for each of these themes.

Our priority is to offer Internet users the best possible experience. We are constantly refining our video indexing algorithm and working on suitable non-intrusive formats.

What are your challenges?

Our different challenges are:

Market: achieve critical mass in terms of video content in order to be able to implement all the elements of our long-term vision.

Financial: the commercial deployments over the past two years have made it possible to finance the development of our platform. We will raise funds in 2017 and have joined the OFF7 acceleration and investment program launched by West France.

HR: recruit business developers with a dual culture as Web editors and having video rights. Strengthen our collaborations with research laboratories in the field of semantic analysis.

What sets you apart from your competition?

Our competitors are the “Elsewhere on the Web” content recommendation solutions that are generally found at the bottom of the page on publishers’ sites. The pages are saturated with this sponsored content.

On the contrary, we are betting on value-added video content and an enriching experience for Internet users.

Founders: Pierre Roulph and Julien Perron

Creation date : April 2012

Fundraising : any

Seat: Reindeer

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Leankr increases TV shows with web content and vice versa