Laurent Alexandre: “We will have the artificial intelligence we deserve”

by bold-lichterman

If we now know with certainty that artificial intelligence will disrupt our daily lives, it remains to be seen to what extent. When some see it as an opportunity to reinvent our world, others see it as a threat to humanity. “Artificial intelligence is not going to replace humans. Otherwise, you must unplug it immediately», Assures doctor Laurent Alexandre, surgeon-urologist and founder of the Doctissimo site, on the occasion of the event Hello tomorrow, dedicated to “DeepTech” innovations, held in Paris in October.

In his eyes, artificial intelligence “will do things better than us in the future and for much less“. However, if it will irreparably replace most of our current tasks, that does not mean that it will replace us at all. On the contrary, artificial intelligence will allow humans to focus on creation. “Creative tasks will be complementary to artificial intelligence», Notes Laurent Alexandre, also president of DNAVision, a start-up specializing in the analysis of DNA sequencing data.

“Public opinion has chosen the Hollywood ease rather than the extreme complexity of the real world that is about to happen”

However, for the general public to be able to grasp this theme, he believes that it is necessary to demonstrate pedagogy to explain a complex environment where artificial intelligence and human intelligence are intertwined. Faced with this complexity, many people are thus resistant to the resulting change. “Caricature and simple diagrams are preferred to the complexity of things», Observes Laurent Alexandre. And to add: “Between a simple future, magnified by Hollywood, that everyone understands, and extremely complex futures, which will be reality, public opinion has chosen the Hollywood ease rather than the extreme complexity of the real world that will happen.

In addition to the fears raised by artificial intelligence, Laurent Alexandre also warns about the education of young people. “We must refuse the intellectual determinism that exists. Technology is missing to help less gifted people become innovative and more gifted», He explains. From his point of view, if the school does not reinvent itself quickly, “we will have a deeply unequal and revolutionary pattern in a few decades“. Because the quality of the education delivered will depend on a person’s ability to react to changes in their work caused by artificial intelligence. It is therefore a societal issue. “Reducing cognitive inequalities urgently is needed to reduce social inequalities», Warns Laurent Alexandre.

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