Launch of “my4n-news Learner”, iPhone application for learning English through news

by bold-lichterman

It is sometimes whispered that in the small world of the internet, not everyone is as “fluent” as they seem …

Here is a fun and mobile solution to “improve your English” while getting information. 4n Media Group just uploaded the iPhone application my4n-news Learner, full of authentic articles and videos updated in real time with the most that, failing to help to speak English well, make it possible to understand it better.

Launch of my4n news Learner iPhone application for learning English through
Among the paid services offered:

  • A built-in dictionary that allows you to get the English definition of a word with a click on the screen
  • French subtitles for news videos
  • An understanding quiz that validates understanding
  • A personal review area to save list of words and favorites

The premium functions of the application are billed per week (1.59 €), per month (4.99 €) or quarter (11.99 €). Not particularly “cheap” but enough to feel like a fish in water at LeWeb!