Launch of Gootip, a localized question and answer service

by bold-lichterman

Created in the back of a garage in the South-West of France (“and it’s not for the legend”) by Mathieu Bidart (ex-PriceMinister), Eric Gagnaire (ex- Mixad) and Thierry Sebba, Gootip looks like a local Quora.

Launch of Gootip a localized question and answer serviceIt allows you to ask questions of all types by associating them with a specific city or place, on an international scale, since the site is designed from the Google Places API combined with an algorithm developed in-house. The answers also take into account the location of each user via their IP address and Facebook Graph among others. Additional information given during registration, such as the Foursquare account, is also the source of live responses taking checkins into account.

Other google APIs such as those of Google Map for locating places on a map, Google Places for the coordinates of specific places in a city or even Google Translate for the translation of questions / answers are also used. At launch, the service is in French and English.

Gootip can also be used as event support: example with the page dedicated to eG8 and on iPhone with a “light” application, Gootip Wall, which makes it possible to monitor changes in the user’s activity wall (questions asked / followed, answers given / approved) and to be alerted by “Push” notification of any events relating to the wall. An Android version is in preparation.