Launch of a digital economy barometer

by bold-lichterman

Internet, telecommunications, information, media, digital services, e-commerce, m-commerce … Médiamétrie and the Paris Dauphine University Foundation have just set up a new barometer dedicated to the digital economy.

Carried out every quarter, the objective of this process is to follow the evolution of equipment, consumption and digital uses of the French.

Launch of a digital economy barometer

The first edition of this barometer highlights in particular that more than 50% of French people paid for their mobile subscription more than 20 euros per month, according to the figures recorded before the arrival of Free Mobile on the market. Another observation: the price, cited in 85% of cases, appears to be the main factor in changing access provider.

Among the other key figures of this study:

  • More than 8 out of 10 French people have a mobile phone
  • 40% of French mobile phones are smartphones.
  • Among French people equipped with a mobile phone, 43% connected to the mobile Internet in the last month.
  • Almost a third of mobile phones have sent or viewed an email during the last month of 2011.
  • In the third quarter of 2011, more than a quarter of those equipped with smartphones (25.9%) had already made a purchase from their mobile.
  • More than 86% of French people have a precise idea of ​​their mobile plan.
  • Women and 15-34 year olds pay slightly more for their package: between € 21 and € 30 for the majority.
  • Only 3 days after its official announcement, already 86% of Internet users were aware of the launch of Free as a new mobile operator.

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