La French Tech at CES: How French start-ups prepared

by bold-lichterman

Nearly 200 French start-ups will make the long-awaited trip to the CES in Las Vegas, which will be held from January 6 to 9, 2016. Most of them have been shortlisted by the CEA, the American association since last fall. Enough to leave them a few weeks to prepare and develop their offensive. First part of their American adventure.

Klaxoon is a start-up based in Rennes. It markets a platform whose ambition is to boost teamwork.

Klaxoon - Matthieu Beucher

Matthieu BEUCHER, CEO of Klaxoon: It was our international customers who told us about the CES last June, in particular the CES Innovation Awards. Several of them mentioned this prestigious award to us, telling us that Klaxoon deserved wider media exposure, towards the general professional public and internationally. And indeed, we quickly realized the interest of the Awards, which would give great visibility to a B2B innovation which may be of greater interest to the general public.

Shortly after, BCI (Bretagne Commerce International), launched a program to support startups at the CES, we were selected thanks in particular to our customer references, and to the strong traction (end of summer already several thousand users). The testimonials of our customers have clearly worked in our favor! We applied for the CES Innovation Awards at the same time.

Then there is a lot of writing, writing, with a lot of very specific questions. In total, two weeks of work just for the constitution of the file! We learned at the end of October that Klaxoon had the honor of winning an Award, and of being one of the 30 startups selected from 5,000 applications around the world… Since then, “Sky is the Limit”.

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Founded in 2010, Biomouv is an online coaching site for preventing patients with chronic illnesses.


Sébastien Pascal, CEO of Biomouv: An entrepreneur from our industry based in San Francisco contacted us. We then submitted our application to the CES organizers via South of France (the Languedoc-Roussilon business development and support agency (editor’s note). We were finally selected by the CES organizers directly after they studied our application.

Fabulasys develops MOTIO, a system for monitoring the quality of life from a distance.

Mehdi Cheraitia, CTO and Alexandre Antiphon, CEO.

Alexandre Antiphon, co-founder and president of Fabulasys: We had the opportunity to participate in the selection of the Consumer Electronics Show via Mission CES, an organization represented by Sébastien Côte, which filters and coaches French start-ups who take to the road for the most important exhibition offering the best innovations in the field. field of consumer electronics.

The criteria for exhibiting at Eureka Park are simple: be disruptive, have an industrial or commercial prototype, not yet be marketed, have an international vocation.

The technology that we have been developing for several months has enabled us to convince the CEA and Mission CES of the potential of MOTIO. Indeed, our solution can have a strong impact on the health sector by offering the first system allowing remote monitoring of the quality of life.

Emersya is a start-up based in Montpellier which develops e-marketing solutions.


Aurélien Vaysset, co-founder and CEO: During the selection, it was a question of demonstrating to the juries that our solution testified to a real innovation and that the latter was likely to change the lives of millions of consumers.

The CES is mainly known for being the temple of intelligent and connected objects of all kinds, but it is above all a meeting place between professionals sensitive to new trends and developments, both technological and uses. Software solutions such as ours, which aim to change consumption patterns, therefore find their place there.

We managed to convince the organizers that we are offering the future of the shopping experience and the product sheet for e-commerce, so mission accomplished!

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