Kodak launches its cryptocurrency and takes off on the stock market

by bold-lichterman

Kodak, which is now most often mentioned to illustrate the setbacks of these companies which have badly negotiated the digital turn at the beginning of the century, would it seek to take this time without waiting for the new technological wave of the moment?

The Kodak group has indeed jumped 117% on the New York Stock Exchange, after making this unexpected announcement: Kodak is preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency, as well as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to market it. Eastman Kodak stock more than doubled to $ 6.80 on January 09 at the close.

The blockchain and a currency to manage copyright

The project, which Kodak seeks to develop in partnership with Wenn Digital, intends to use blockchain to build a copyright management platform: “Through the use of blockchain technology, the KodakOne platform will create a digital and encrypted property rights registry allowing photographers to record their production, new and old, which they can then license. ” according to the Kodak press release. As for Kodak’s currency, called the Kodak Coin, it will function as a medium of exchange on the Kodak One platform.

The company also promises to scan the web to identify photos saved on the platform and used without authorization.

Kodak will offer its currency for sale during its ICO starting January 31.

On the occasion of CES, Kodak also presented a mining unit in the company’s colors.