KiOne, Key Infuser’s “finger robot” that automates demonstrations of connected objects

by bold-lichterman

When an idea germinates in our head, it only takes a meeting to make it happen. And that’s what happened to Key Infuser. The idea comes from Domitille Esnard-Domerego but it was not until he met Marc Latouche during training at the Regional Institute for Business Creation (IRCE), to launch the concept. What concept? That of an articulated arm called KiOne. He performs demonstrations of connected objects. All the functionalities are thus presented to the customer via a robot. More details with Domitille Esnard-Domerego, co-founder and CEO.

Frenchweb: What problem does KiOne solve?

Domitille Esnard-Domerego, co-founder and CEO: Connected objects are becoming more and more numerous, but their use and value are not always understood by the general public.

A need for education for these objects is necessary. KiOne, our “robot-finger” explains their uses with infinite patience.

What is your value proposition?

With KiOne, the buyer is immediately immersed in a technological and fun universe because he “controls” the robot directly. KiOne offers him a discovery of all the functionalities of the connected object presented and of the mobile application that accompanies it. The visitor understands what this new object is for, which he does not know. He can make an informed purchase choice.

Who are KiOne users?

KiOne users are consumers who want to know more about the use and functionality of the high-tech products offered and who come to the store. They are not looking for an explanatory video – something they already find on the internet – they are there to see something concrete, to get their idea, to discover a new product.


What is your development plan?

We did KiOne pilots in store at Monaco Telecom and Orange at the end of 2015 and early 2016. They went very well and led us to a new design of the KiOne which was launched in October 2016.

We obtained a prize from the Huawei Digital In Pulse competition in September 2016 and were selected by the Eureka Park, dedicated to innovative start-ups, for the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas next January. This will allow us to have international exposure and to forge links with global players.

What are your challenges?

The first market we are targeting is the Retail market: we are addressing the manufacturers of connected objects and their distributors.
They are large groups: Orange has more than 1,600 stores in Europe, Walmart has more than 11,000 stores in the world. More than 116 million wearables are expected to be sold worldwide in 2016. For this growth to continue, it is necessary to educate an increasingly large and less technical audience on the value and ease of use of these new objects.

Our ambition is to become the leader in robotic education solutions using IoT by integrating more and more intelligence, recognition of emotions, various interfaces. To this end, we opened two developer positions in September and hired 2 engineers.

What sets you apart from your competition?

We are part of the digital transformation of Retail. Customers want new in-store experiences. We offer an alternative to what we see today, such as video screens or classic POS which are limited in terms of interaction and engagement with the customer.

Founder : Domitille Esnard-Domerego and Marc Latouche

Seat : Nice (Sophia Antipolis)

Creation date : June 15, 2015

Capital : 35,000 euros

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