Keymetrics raises $ 2 million to address large groups

by bold-lichterman

Keymetrics, a platform for monitoring and managing Node.js applications (a JavaScript platform used by developers) in real time, announces a second fundraising of $ 2 million from Alven and Runa Capital, as well as of the American accelerator Techstars which accompanied it.

Intended for developers, the solution called PM2 is positioned in a niche market. The Node.js platform is indeed used by 4.5 million active users per month according to figures from the eponymous Foundation. Keymetrics offers a control panel for technical “crashes” of mobile applications while measuring their performance and reliability. The company claims 20 million downloads. It markets its solution in Saas.

The company had raised $ 250,000 in seed between 2014 and 2015 from Kima Ventures and Right Side Capital Management. Its founder, Alexandre Strzelewicz, is the former manager of the R&D and Cloud computing Lab at the Epitech school.

With this fundraising, Keymetrics wants to develop its commercial offer towards large accounts. “We also want to quickly expand into the Internet of Things and electronic systems», Specifies the founder.

Founder: Alexandre Strzelewicz

Seat: Paris

Creation date: 2014

Workforce: 4