Kello, the smart alarm clock that helps you improve your sleep

by bold-lichterman

  • Hong Kong-based start-up Kello has just launched a smart alarm clock on Kickstarter.
  • In a matter of hours, the company reached its goal of $ 50,000 on the crowdfunding site.
  • More than one in three French people say they suffer from sleep disorders.

At a time when smartphones are replacing traditional alarm clocks, the start-up Kello just unveiled a smart alarm clock. Released September 20 on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Kello hit his initial goal of $ 50,000 in a matter of hours. By the morning of September 21, the Hong Kong-based start-up’s jackpot already stood at $ 120,000. The product will be delivered from March 2017.

Kello DecoTo optimize the sleep of its users, the Kello alarm clock offers them a variety of programs, based on scientific studies, aimed at gradually changing their sleep habits. The device is controlled remotely over Wi-Fi via a mobile application, soon available on iOS and Android, which allows you to set up different sleep programs.

Beyond its primary function, this alarm clock asserts itself as a “smart home” connected object. The device developed by Kello is compatible with other devices dedicated to the “smart home” such as SmartThings Hub from Samsung and Hue from Philips. It automates morning rituals, such as preparing coffee or closing the shutters. The alarm clock can also stream music from online music services like Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal.

3 questions to Antoine Markarian, co-founder and CEO of Kello

Antoine MarkarianHow did the Kello project come about?

I was a terrible sleeper, until I figured out why. I did a number of experiments, tried to sleep more, sleep less, stick to regular sleep schedules, stop using my phone after 10pm, etc. This method worked.

It was there that I realized that the solution was simple, you just have to adapt your lifestyle. Better sleep doesn’t mean adding sensors to your mattress or taking sleeping pills! It is taking good habits and adjusting your internal clock well. How, when, why? This is the raison d’être of Kello. A connected object (with its companion app), present, all the time, next to his bed to help adopt good habits and make waking up a magical moment.

How is Kello different from other alarm clocks on the market?

Kello has a different positioning. We seek to solve the problem of sleep by adapting your lifestyle and by establishing good sleeping and waking habits. We use a concept of a sleep program.

For example, the “BedTime Alert” program helps us stick to regular bedtime schedules. Kello is going to display a starry sky to notify that it’s time to go to bed. By pressing on Kello’s shell, you can record your sleep and thus form a new routine.

The “Wake Up Earlier” program will gradually modify the time to get up to adjust the internal clock little by little, following the recommendation of studies on the subject.

Kello also offers programs to “snooze” less, fall asleep faster and prepare for or recover from jet lag.

Why did you choose to opt for crowdfunding on Kickstarter in order to develop your project?

We built Kello with the support of our community of 10,000 members. It seemed natural to us to continue the experience on Kickstarter.