Julien Coulon, cofounder of Cedexis, wins EY innovation award

by bold-lichterman

The goal is clear: to make the Internet as fast as possible for all users. But behind this mission hides a real challenge which Cedexis, a Franco-American start-up. To do this, it measures the quality of the networks in order to optimize the traffics and therefore the services delivered thanks to “network surgery”. In other words: intervene effectively, when needed, where needed. To determine these elements, Big data comes into play: “We collect 4.5 billion data per day on the state of health of the Internet (…) which represents 46,000 interconnected networks” explains Julien Coulon, the President of Cedexis. The company acts as a “switch of the Net”.

Julien Coulon, won the Innovation award last night at the 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year award ceremony, organized by EY.