Julie Desk raises 600,000 euros to automatically organize your appointments

by bold-lichterman

The amount

Julie desk, a start-up which is developing a virtual assistant tool, has just raised 600,000 euros from Side Capital, an investment fund launched in January by several personalities from the French Web.

The concept

Launched in 20105, the start-up Julie Desk is developing a virtual work organization service. It can be to make appointments, add, cancel or postpone events in a diary. For this, the user must enter, when sending an e-mail, a copy e-mail address which analyzes the information contained in order to organize the meeting according to the availability of each. The event is then automatically added to the agenda.

Founded by Julien Hobeika (CEO), Nicolas Marlier (CTO) and Guillaume Michiels (CPO), three alumni of the Polytechnic school, Julie Desk already claims several clients, such as Leetchi, Withings, or even Numa and LaFourchette. The business model is based on the sale of monthly licenses.

“Our ambition is for Julie Desk to be a key player in the new revolution in human-machine interfaces: inevitably graphical interfaces as we know them will disappear to make way for interaction with the machine based solely on natural language”, says Julien Hobeika.

The market

With this new investment, Julie Desk wishes to recruit developers as well as data scientists. The company also wants to strengthen its sales and marketing centers. “This fundraising will allow us to accelerate our technological and commercial development,” says Julien Hobeika.

Founders: Julien Hobeika, Nicolas Marlier and Guillaume Michiels

Creation: 2015

The head office : Antony (92)

Activity: virtual assistance tool

Funding: 600,000 euros raised in March 2016

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos