Joshfire launches its multi-device applications Factory

by bold-lichterman

Created in 2010, Joshfire completed a first funding round in September 2011 with Kima Ventures and business angels such as Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Arnaud Dassier, Stéphane Dinstinguin. The start-up has 15 employees and claimed a turnover of 500K € for its first financial year.

Joshfire launches its multi device applications Factory
The Joshfire Factory allows you to create and manage multi-device applications for the Web, smartphones, tablets, TV and other connected objects. It is built around standard and open technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript. The Factory is designed to be used without any programming concept or special design skills. In details :

  • A template marketplace that integrate features and designs responding to multi-device uses
  • A library of data connectors (image, video, sound, text, calendar, geolocation, etc.)
  • Functions for monitoring usage statistics, advertising display modules, etc.
  • Cross-Device application viewable in an emulator

For its launch, the platform is initially offered as a private test to invitation holders. To receive yours, just register here.